When paired with your compound cream, the effects of Essential Oils are nothing short of restorative. Each oil has been blended with hand-picked ingredients that offer a wide range of benefits. Icy Restore can add a cooling effect to your compound application that targets and relieves inflammation. A touch of lavender oil can provide a strong calming influence which greatly aids in reducing anxiety. Our Comfort Oil has been blended to improve blood circulation while Clarity has been created to boost the immune system
and increase overall energy levels. By simply mixing essential oils with our compounds, you can enhance absorption on dry skin, help prevent sensitivity responses and increase the overall effects of all Ananda Clinic compounds.


Our Ananda Clinic Clarity Essential Oil has been blended to provide you with clear focus throughout the day. A key ingredient is rosemary, which has been said to improve memory and to increase concentration. We have also added citrus ingredients such as lemon and grapefruit that can provide a wide range of benefits from boosting the immune system to increasing overall energy levels

Inhale the smell of the oil directly from the bottle for instant clarity and focus.


This essential oil has not only been created to provide a tingling and cooling effect but to provide relief from achy muscles, inflammation and assist in the relief of headaches. With ingredients such as Peppermint and Pine this oil not only offers multiple topical benefits but produces a wonderful aroma.


Ananda Clinic offers a Lavender blend essential oil that includes ingredients such as Frankincense and Cedar. Created to evoke calm and alertness for a meditative state, this oil can also assist in improving sleep as well as benefit your body by helping reduce anxiety and emotional stress

Apply topically to the bottom of your feet before bed to help improve sleep.


Ananda Clinic introduces our Comfort essential oil. Created with ingredients such as Bergamot and Nutmeg, this oil has been created to provide relief from anxiety and stress. Nutmeg is known to strengthen cognitive function, improve blood circulation and reduce insomnia while the Bergamot ingredient offers a powerful aroma and the benefits of acting as an anti-depressant and stimulant.



The multiple ingredients in essential oils can produce a wonderful variety of scents that are known to effect our mental, emotional and physical capacities. Our sense of smell is inextricably connected to our emotions and this is why diffusing in your home, office or car can be such an added benefit. Diffusing is an easy way to use essential oils aromatically and to be able to enjoy the beneftis of the oil.


  •  Add 1-2 drops to a lotion of your choice or our Ananda Clinic compounds.
  • Add 1-2 drops to a warm bath to reach ultimate relaxation.
  • Diffuse in your office, home or car.

Using our Essential Oils topically is the ideal manner to target specific areas on your body. Diluting the oil or using it on its own are simply a few ways to use these oils and take advantage of their full therapeutic potential.

Essential Oils can be potent so a little goes a long way. Using 1-2 drops on its own or blended with our compounds is more than enough to provide you with all the benefts of these Ananda Clinic Oils