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Lose Those Extra Pounds With Lipo Laser At Ananda

Are you looking to lose inches off your waistline (or other problem areas) before summer? Ananda is one of the few clinics in Southwestern Ontario that offers cutting edge Lipo Laser technology, a non-invasive method of losing weight that gives...
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  • Precision Compounds at Ananda

Topical Pain Creams At Ananda

Since the 1950s, doctors have prescribed medication containing the synthetic opioid oxycodeine believing it was an ideal treatment for chronic pain. Each year since, the number of painkillers prescribed containing this highly addictive opioid has increased. In 2015, over 19...
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Kinesiology at Ananda

Few people realize that behind every great athlete is a great kinesiologist. Kinesiology and sports go hand in hand. Through the study of human movement, a trained kinesiologist is able to recommend and integrate sports medicine therapies for both injury...
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