Ananda Kinesiology

Few people realize that behind every great athlete is a great kinesiologist.

Kinesiology and sports go hand in hand. Through the study of human movement, a trained kinesiologist is able to recommend and integrate sports medicine therapies for both injury and preventative rehabilitation. Kinesiologists are also capable of developing treatment plans to address deficiencies in strength, balance, flexibility, cardiovascular health.

Even if you’re not an athlete, your Ananda kinesiologist can provide you with a customized program that ensures an increase in flexibility, range of motion and cardiovascular endurance. The Ananda kinesiology program aims to:

  • Decrease pain
  • Improve range of motion
  • Enhance strength
  • Work with you to achieve your desired goals
  • Enhance functionality

At the Ananda Clinic you can expect to:

  • Meet with a kinesiologist to perform an initial assessment
  • Develop a customized treatment plan based on assessment results and discussion
  • Utilize the latest equipment to enhance the recovery process
  • Receive education so you are aware of what’s happening in your body

Kinesiology treatment at the Ananda clinic is individualized and specialized. It is partially or wholly covered by most health benefits plans.

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