Since the 1950s, doctors have prescribed medication containing the synthetic opioid oxycodeine believing it was an ideal treatment for chronic pain. Each year since, the number of painkillers prescribed containing this highly addictive opioid has increased. In 2015, over 19 million opioid prescriptions were fulfilled in Canada. Not coincidentally, deaths as a result of overdoses have increased exponentially. Current statistics have pegged the number of deaths related to prescription opioids in Canada at 47,000 annually.

Few chronic pain sufferers expect to end up addicts. We go to the doctors to feel better and naturally trust their expertise. Unfortunately, too many physicians employ a one size fits all treatment model as opposed to looking at the patient as an individual with unique problems.The need for effective non-opioid pain treatment has never been so urgent.

But there is hope.

Topical Compounded Pain Creams

One treatment producing promising results is topical compounded pain creams that can be applied to specific pain areas. Pharmacists work with physicians to create a custom formulation to meet a patient’s unique needs. The formulations offer the benefits of precise dosing, personalized treatment, and the combined effect of multiple ingredients working together for optimal pain relief.

These pain formulations are applied topically; they don’t circulate through the entire body. This is powerful pain medication where it is needed, less where it isn’t. Pain creams are less likely to interact with other medications and cause fewer side effects than other pain medications. The risk of dependence and addiction is virtually eliminated.

Here at Ananda, we’re proud to offer Precision Compounds, a line of compounded topical pain creams formulated using an anhydrous silicone base designed and proven to effectively deliver pain medication. This type of transdermal base has been tested and proven to deliver up to four drugs simultaneously and to deliver medications more effectively and quickly than other topical bases. All patients seeking to try Precision Compounds will receive a consultation with an Ananda physician and a trusted pharmacist, who will explain how the compounds are created and their potential benefits and side effects.

Precision Compounds are covered by most health plans. Once you book an appointment with us, an Ananda benefits specialist will take you through the process of getting your pain creams covered. For more information on topical pain creams and Precision Compounds, fill out the Book An Appointment form found at Alternately, feel free to contact us by phone at 519-488-3303 or email