Angela Geddes is a registered clinical social worker with over 20 years of experience in providing trauma informed care for individuals and families with very complex needs in a variety of multi-disciplinary settings including youth justice facilities, child protection, child and adult mental health, as well as providing care in both primary and hospital based health care settings. Angela started her career in child and youth services and soon realized that problems children experience are a symptom of much broader challenges.

Angela holds a degree in Psychology and a Masters in Social Work from Laurentian University as well as additional specialized training and a designation in psychotherapy and adult mental health. Angela is an active member of the Ontario Association of Social Workers and is licensed to practice in Ontario.

Angela provides individual, couple, youth, and family social work and psychotherapy services utilizing cognitive behavioural solution based therapy as well as dynamic group therapy at the resiliency stage of treatment. This specialized therapy begins with a focus on lifestyle management including nutrition behaviours and motivational levels for physical activity. Mindfulness, yoga, stress and relaxation are the foundations for building cognitive behavioural therapies that support holistic patient care.