Holly Oliveira has rural roots; she was born and raised in Hanover, Ontario and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Western University in 2014. She credits her emergency department work experience for crafting her skills and developing a strong foundation in quality of care.

Holly worked as the only night nurse in a rural region 10-bed emergency department. She quickly became a driven and vital member of the emergency department team.

When asked why she became a nurse, Holly credits her grandmother, Gladys Lynch. Gladys tended wounded soldiers in World War II and became the inspiration for Holly to devote her career to healing people.

True passion and care. Holly brings the foundations of mind, body and soul to her daily practice as a registered nurse.

Holly currently lives in London Ontario with her husband John, who is a Constable in the uniform division of the London Police Service. From her grandfather being a World War II Veteran, and having multiple family members serve their communities as police officers, Holly cares deeply for all emergency service personnel.